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An abstract of plan

Because, as for the reason, there is a road and sunshine there.

This is a plan to run the whole course of Russia only by solar energy with solar-car transversely to Europe from Japan.

A machine to use for this adventure journey is JonaSun which Team JonaSun owns.

As for this machine, two times participated in Australian Continent vertical section race (WSC) till now.

Acquired the second place of private class in 1999WSC.

A journey begins in summer, 2001

A departure ground is Ogata in Japan.

A destination is Denmark Copenhagen. An old castle!!

A member: 

Yamamoto Hisahiro  Team Jona Sun 

Hans Tholstrup     ISF

Alexander Popolov   Team Moscow

Tani Tsutomu     WSR

The others

Across a race and a word and a difference of culture.

Information dispatch: TV program, Publication of attendance record, A photograph exhibition, Live broadcasting with Internet. The others

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