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Performance of JonaSun

I can run with 70km/h
By an energy for only one hairdryer.

Size@F@@Full length~Overall width~Height@E@TWTO~QOOO~POOS

Wheel@ F@@RwheelsiFrontQERearPj

Wheel base@F@QTOO

Tread F@@PROO

Brakes F@@iFrontjOil pressure & disk EiRearjRe-generation Parking brake

Weight of a vehicle@F@@QPViinclude battery TOj

Solar panelF@@PQOOv

Cruising speed with only solar energyF@VO^

Max speediwith beryj@@@F@@@XO^ over

A manufacturer of a solar panel F@@r`mxnighsQPj

BatteryF@@Pb-Acid seal batteryiPVOOvj or m|yiQWOOvj

Motor F@@dornmEcb brush-less


A characteristic

The frame which constituted an aluminum pipe,,,,A born type.

Front fork of a motorcycle of marketing.

A frame of high hardness.

A wing of the front uses Ochroma pyramidale and bamboo and a Japanese rice paper.

High efficiency hybrid solar battery HIT made by SANYO.

There is a results of 500km /1 day in a race of WSC.

Because a trip of this time is a long journey, We plan 300-350km /1 day.

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